NüBee Hives

     The NüBee patented hives are made from FSC variant pine. The pine is lightweight, durable, affordable, and environmentally friendly. The top and bottom are identical except for the vented bottom. The frames are symmetrical and the top is able to be opened without the hive tipping over. Non-toxic bee-friendly glue is used during construction. All stains or finishes are purely water based and not harmful to the bees.

     Hives are available in a HONEY ROASTED finish. Charring is an ancient Japanese technique makes wood stronger and slightly bug resistant. Charring and stain are only applied to the outside of the hive. 


Hive Body

Why Choose a NüBee Hive?

     The number one compliant of beekeepers is that lifting heavy hives cause strain on the back and knees. NüBee hives stand waist high. The hinged lid allows the keeper easy access. The full frames sit flush against one another, and the hive remains self-contained until the frames are removed, allowing the bees to be less disturbed. No more lifting, bumping, and removal of multiple pieces. Plus there are less bee lives taken due to the moving of supers.


Easy Access


Full Hexagon Frames

     The NüBee patented hexagon frame is a full 360 degrees. The hexagonal pattern is one of the most effective structures found in nature. The bees will festoon and begin to build on the top part of the frame. Once they connect comb to the sides of the frame the durability is greatly increased.

     Each piece of the frame is milled to have a 3/8 of an inch lip on each side of the peak. This measurement allows adequate 'bee space' so the bees can move freely between their comb.   

     There is a 1/4 inch groove on all six sides of the frame. As the bees connect the comb to each side, they need space to wrap around and continue their work. This 'bee groove' allows the bees to move between the filled frames as they are completed. During the winter, these grooves will be filled with wax by the bees to control airflow and help insulate the hive. 

     The area of a deep frame equals 136 square inches. The area of a super frame equals 93 square inches. NüBees hexagonal frame has an area that equals 200 square inches of honeycomb. The square inch capacity of honeycomb in the NüBee Power hive is equal to two deep boxes and two supers from a Langstroth hive.

Observation Frames


     Much like a top-bar hive, the NüBee hives need a bit more observation than Langstroth style hives. Therefore we have added a front and rear observation frame. The frames are constructed out of incense cedar which add a nice dash of color to your hive and help deter unwanted insects such as wax moths. We use an acrylic hexagon for the window, which allows for safer shipping and is more flexible than glass. This is an added level of safety to the bees and their keeper if broken. the front window can be viewed through by removing the cover and not having to open the hive. The rear window acts as a false-back and has a mesh insert that helps fresh air circulate through the hive. 

     The hive stand or 'bees knees' allow the hive to be lifted off of the ground for easier access to maintain your hive. We offer two types of bees knees; tall and short. The tall bees knees are assembled using a lap joint for strength and durability. They can be anchored into the ground for added strength and a way to add difficulty to bee hive burglars. The short bees knees are able to fit into smaller spaces and allow the hive to stay balanced when opening the lid.



Bees Knees

Adjusted Ventilation 


     Customers have the option of choosing a solid bottom board or an adjustable vented bottom. The vent is a strong stainless steel mesh with a cedar slide board that can be adjusted to control airflow in the hive or removed completely. The slide board can be put back in to help insulate the hive during the cold winter months.


     Just remember; a wet bee is a dead bee. The hive lid is cut to create a small eave. This allows water to flow off and not seep back into the hive. We offer a variety of weatherizing finishes to insure the longevity of the wood.    

     There is no controlling the elements of weather. As an added option our customers can get an added 'bee shade'. The shade acts as a front porch to the entrance of the hive. This helps in keeping the landing deck dry and clean while adding a shade to help keep the bees cool. 


The landing deck is located at the front end of the hive. It extends around the entire diameter of the hive giving the bees adequate space to land and defend as well as adding some protection from the elements. Five 11/16" holes create the entrance that keep the bees in and unwanted invaders out. Corks can easily be inserted to minimize bee traffic and cold weather. 

Landing Deck


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